May 2010



An Essex  man was in a Scottish jail last night, having been convicted of messaging an under-aged girl.

West, 26, was found guilty of libidinous behaviour; an offence that doesn't exist in England. 

It was alleged that West sent sixteen messages to an under-aged girl who lived in Scotland, and that six of the messages were of a sexual nature.   Despite all the messages being sent from England, and the fact that West had never met, or seen the girl, he was still prosecuted in a Scottish court.

The case only came to the attention of the Police, when the victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, left her home to meet an older man for sex.   Officers from Central Scotland Police were called and seized the girl's laptop and discovered she had been messaging over 200 men, using a variety of email addresses.   Further enquiries revealed that the victim had met over 50 of the men.

West was one of the men that the girl had been messaging, although the Crown made it clear that West had never seen or met the girl.

The court heard that West had been detained at his home in England in 2009 and interviewed by Scottish Police.   West stated that he did not remember any of the conversations or messages that had taken place a year previously in 2008, but confirmed he would not have spoken with the girl if he knew she was under-aged.

Prosecutor Derek Ogg QC told the court in summing up "It is significant that he claims not to even remember any of the six conversations, as it has to be said that is also the victim's position. She has no recollection of the terms of the conversation and has suffered no trauma directly, either psychologically or otherwise, as a result of this particular case".

Following the conviction there was a brief disturbance when West complained that he hadn't even been shown the charge.   He was lead from the court to be sentenced next month.